Tuesday, October 19


It was raining when we got up. Dark, heavy clouds covered the mountain topsand much of the way down. A good buffet breakfast was offered. We walked down to our waiting bus, and boarded it for Grendelwald. It was quite along drive, and we passed through Interlachen (between the lakes). Althoughit is a famous place, no one was willing to venture out in the rain with their quality camera gear - or even without it.

Grendelwald seemed to be a pretty little town, but we continued along the road. Eventually we stopped at a tiny place consisting of a chalet and a parking lot. People were eager to photograph almost anything, so they followed Joe down a trail which led from the parking lot.

I was more interested in photographing the chalet with its bright red chairs set against the backdrop of the Wetterhorn 12,028 feet, (3701 M). The Wetterhorn is situated at the weather crossroads of Europe, where the cold air from the North Sea, meets the warm moist air moving up from the Mediterranean Sea. Consequently the area has a heavy rainfall - just like today.

Having finished that, I followed the main group of people down the trail. Some were already coming back up, and when I asked them what they saw, they replied "nothing." I was glad I hadn't wasted my time. Marilyn, however found some nice mushroom pictures along the trail.

We drove back to Grendelwald, and were allowed an hour to freely shop, look around, or photograph. The rain had slowed down to drizzle by now, but the light was poor.

We stopped for lunch somewhere, and then drove back toward Lauterbrunnen.

Again we stopped at Interlachen, but it was raining too hard again for pictures. Across the lawn was a brightly lit sign advertising a casino, making it impossible for pictures in that direction.

This was a very soggy day.