Thursday, October 21


Today we awoke again to a rainy, dreary day. At least it was a scheduled travel day. The föhn had melted a great deal of snow and the creeks and streams were full of rushing waters. Sometimes it even caused flooding.

We made 2 stops for pictures, one along a pretty snow-capped mountain with a whole lower mountainside of gorgeous golden fall trees.

We drove along Montreux, the Swiss Riveria. Many famous and wealthy people live here because it is so beautiful, and also the "place to be seen." We tried to grab a few pictures between raindrops.

In Martigny we stopped at a cafeteria for lunch. Rather than a straight line like our cafeterias, this one had certain areas for each type of food. Beverages were in one place, breads in another, vegetables in another, pre-made sandwiches another. Everyone wandered around to the various areas of interest picking up what they wanted. Joe VanOs stood at the cashier's desk, and identified which people were of our party, and then paid for us all (out of our deposits, of course.) The desserts were irresistible! I picked up a square of some sort of chocolate cake, but felt so guilty about all that forbidden food, that I cut it into squares, and shared it with other members of our group.

Another stop was at Forclaz Pass, at 5012 feet elevation. It was another pretty place.

Later at Trient, I attempted a photo through the bus window of its church.

Shortly after crossing the border into France without incident, we saw the Argentiere Glacier near Mont Blanc.

Upon arriving in Chamonix, we checked into our chalet, Hotel Le Labrador. It was still raining, so we sat on our balcony overlooking a golf course, and talked about digital photography. When the rain let up, we walked into town and found a pretty church. We both resolved not to leave without a photo of the church in front of Mont Blanc or the Needles. St. Michel Church was perfectly situated lined up exactly with Mont Blanc.

Dinner included a delicious rich chocolate dessert. It was difficult to eat only part of it.