Wednesday, October 27

Sunrise on the Matterhorn

When we woke up, the first thing Marilyn did was to open the drapes to look out. Hooray, there were many stars in the sky! That meant the day would be clear!

It was more than that. The Matterhorn had received a fresh covering of new snow from all that rain yesterday, and was shining in the brilliant morning sun. Joe VanOs announced at breakfast that there would be a change in plans again. We would spend the morning here photographing the Matterhorn and take a later train to Tasch to meet our bus to Geneva. This is another advantage of using chartered buses - they go when you want to go, and wait when and where you want to stop.

First we wanted to photograph the Matterhorn with sunlight on its fresh snow. Several people joined us on our balcony for the glorious view.